Ron J. Parasole Jr, PM, GC, Realtor, PI – General Partner


My background composes of significant construction experience as a General Contractor and Master Carpenter with knowledge of all facets of Construction. I am also a certified home inspector of residential and commercial properties. As a licensed realtor, I’ve been involved with mainly investment properties as a buyers and sellers agent closing many transactions in excess of multi-millions of dollars. In addition in partnering with my broker, I am currently working towards my brokers license.

I thank my mother and father for my whole experience. I was brought up in the family business at 8 years old in Brooklyn, NY, where my father was a successful construction contractor / investor owning two 8-story 32-unit residential apartment buildings. My mother worked as a banker while managing the books and properties. My free time was spent learning maintenance with my father, collecting rents with my mother and going along to court learning the eviction processes. Everyday after school, every weekend and every summer I would work on different projects alongside my father and excelling at Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, Masonry, Landscaping and Excavating. I worked full time in the business at the age of 18 while attending East Stroudsburg University for Business Management. You could say I was bred for this business!

I eventually took over the family business, RJP Construction Inc., handling contracts with local housing developments and property management companies. Along the way, I met Tom Wilkins Broker / Owner of Wilkins & Assoc. Real Estate. We performed construction services for Wilkins short term rentals and landscaping. We also had 5 year contracts with 2 housing developments, Pocono Mountain Lake Estates and Country Club Woods.

I managed the employees / sub-contractors performing road snow removal, grass cutting on the roadsides and community properties maintaining all common grounds. We also sub-contracted carpentry and glass projects in numerous midtown Manhattan restaurants. I handled all aspects of the business from managing, working the field and the books.

While doing all this, I attended East Stroudsburg University studying Business Management. I went to Wilkins & Assoc. and rented one of their properties that was for sale with a few of my classmates. Seeing an opportunity in purchasing my rental, I made a business plan and presented it to my father showing the property making a 2 1/2 year return on investment. I sold him, we bought it and ended up buying the 4 neighboring properties. While running my business and going to school, I was managing 5 properties, collecting rents, performing evictions and doing all the maintenance all at the age of 20. Being done a complete circle to what I was doing when I was 8 years old, managing these properties ignited a passion in real estate so I pursued my license. I obtained my license and decided to work with Tom Wilkins at Wilkins & Assoc. Real Estate in 2002. There, I was fortunate to be in the best office in the Poconos and learn the business better than no other office could teach.

After 2 years, my family packed up and moved away, down south. So I decided to pack up and start from scratch in a new city where I can invest. Wanting my own investment portfolio I gravitated towards Scranton where real estate was affordable. I purchased a 5 unit building and started to put all my skill sets to use while studying my new location. After getting caught up on renovations and gaining 100% occupancy I began looking for another investment. I found a 6 unit commercial building for my portfolio that I would also fix and get 100% occupied. Handling my portfolios with my construction background and my real estate experience from both sides as an agent and investor and being a property manager seemed like a perfect fit.

Seeing property owners victimized by predatory management companies, I made it my mission to show these owners loyalty they deserved. I decided to start Parasole Property Management & Assoc. My wonderful wife, with her 15 years experience in commercial banking, would be CFO. My dreams were big so to make it obtainable I decided to bring Tom Wilkin,s from Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate, on board as Broker to be there for priceless consultations and experience. My commercial building in my portfolio will be the future home of Parasole Property Management & Assoc. By doing right for our clients we will have long lasting relationships. With all our positive reviews, you tell me if we’re not doing this right! I love my job!