Krawitz & Krawitz, P.C

This is to advise that the above named completely renovated our home that we own at Springbrook, Shohola, Pike County Pennsylvania during the summer in early fall of this year. This is to express our satisfaction with the workmanship the extent of the work and the quality there of, that was rendered to a very… [Read More…]

Jack Pine, Properties LLC

To Whom It May Concern: I was introduced to Ron Parasole, Parasole Properties, three years ago at a Real Estate Investors meeting. He was one of many young investors busy networking and getting to know people. Ron was there to promote his Property Management services. Early the following year, I decided to contract with Ron… [Read More…]

Becky Grossman

Thank you so much for taking your time and putting together a fundraiser to get a headstone for my brother. You are truly the best and appreciate you taking your time and your money in getting my brother a beautiful stone for which he deserves that we cant afford in his un-timely passing. Thank you… [Read More…]

Matt Rongier

Thanks so much for giving up your holiday to help us out. I never expected you to do that when I called! Thank you so much, Matt Rongier

Virginia Murphy

Thank you for handling the various problems in my properly. I will be calling on you to handle my other issues. I also will mention your work and proudness to Valerie at mid-Atlantic Realty Thanks again, Virginia Murphy

John Bilkski

Thanks so much for taking care of the various plumbing problems that we’ve been plagued with! It is unheard of someone to do such a great job over and above what was requested. But that is the way you do everything. Just the very, very best! I know this will avoid problems in the future,… [Read More…]


We’ve returned from a lovely weekend in the neighborhood but unfortunately we didn’t get to speak with you. We hope the next visit maybe the temperatures will permit us to be outside a bit more. It still feels like winter! However, we did notice that miraculously the broken blacktop had somehow gotten repaired!! You shouldn’t… [Read More…]

Anne Marie Jones

Thank you for the free February 17 snow removal (truly a little hard for me to accept) I will “pass on” your good deed. Thank you for prompt excellent service thus far, considering my property being far out of the way. Continued successful business to you!! Sincerely, Anne Marie Jones


What a pleasure it was to arrive at Lakeside Drive and find everything so lovely. We have surely been blessed to have found someone who does such excellent work. Frank’s job allows him no time to relax and be himself and our visit to the lake property are becoming more and more special. That’s why… [Read More…]

Fran and Larry

Thank you for managing our summer home property. It’s been a pleasure to collect an income during the off-season and have a property waiting for us in the summer that is in fantastic condition. Thank you for all your fine work. Sincerely, Fran and Larry


Thanks so much for spending most of your New Year’s afternoon on our behalf. Hopefully you weren’t late for your dinner. It made the remainder of our visit a much more convenient time. Best of everything to you and your new business what a way to begin 1998. Thanks again Bob

TRI-RIVER Design & Construction

Dear Ron, Just wanted to say thank you again for everything you do. If it wasn’t for your company Parasole Properties prompt and professional response I would probably be out of a job. You are one of the better, reliable, professional companies we sub-contract with. I know we can count on you to get the… [Read More…]